Sustainability and innovation

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Sustainability and innovation

Innovation and sustainability are the two core themes of our family company.

Sustainable not only in recycling, but also sustainable in business.

  • We develop individual and flexible concepts.
  • We dispose of it reliably and cleanly with modern special vehicles and a wide range of container types.
  • We pay attention to environmentally friendly disposal through a modern and low-pollutant transport fleet.
  • Together with high-performance and reputable partners, we find a solution for every disposal problem.
  • We work with modern systems and efficient, employee-friendly workflows.
  • Our employees receive regular training and we maintain direct communication. This creates a special understanding of the work processes and necessities in day-to-day operations.

The collected know-how is retained in the company and leads to coordinated solutions for our customers from restaurants, bakeries, butchers, as well as for cities and communities.

The result: a balanced working atmosphere in which decades of service are not uncommon.

Innovation as a key to success

1981: Company founder Willi Lesch and today’s managing director Heiko Lesch in front of the first truck in the company’s history.

Our company founder Willi Lesch already demonstrated innovative strength when he was the first on the market in 1992 to develop a process for the environmentally friendly and chemical-free processing of used cooking oil.

Another novelty in the industry was the LGA award in 1998: We were the first company in the industry to become a certified waste management company for used and cooking oil.

In 2010 the step beyond the German borders succeeds: With the establishment of AFRA Altfettrecycling in Austria GmbH, the disposal is from now on also in Vorarlberg, Tyrol and in the Salzburger Land.

After Heiko Lesch took over the company in 2008, innovation continues: In 2013, the collective containers were completely changed over to the new fat box.

With the new collection containers, a new cleaning system and various changes in the work flow are moving in: The vehicles are set up for the new collection containers and employee-friendly auxiliary systems are installed in production.

Grease disposal will not only be easier, more hygienic and cleaner for drivers and employees in production, but also for customers in the catering industry.

In use at Lesch since 2013: The FETTBOX for the catering trade.

After the 25th anniversary of recycling in 2017, a separate collection, disposal and cleaning system for the collection of used cooking oil in households will be established in 2018: The pilot project “Every drop counts” is supported by the SME Association of Waste-Based Fuels MVaK and the German Federal Environmental Foundation DBU .

After the successful completion of the pilot project, “Every Drop Counts” will be outsourced to a separate company in 2020. A new system for cleaning the 1.2-liter collection container is installed. With the project, used cooking oil is currently being collected in around 20,000 households in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and a new growth market is being opened up.

The year 2019 will be marked by the move: The administration is moving from the old, too small office space to a state-of-the-art, climate-neutral office complex made from sustainable building materials. At the same time, space will be created on the new premises for the meanwhile 35 trucks with which around 25,000 customers from southern Germany are served.

2019: Modernized vehicle fleet and new office complex for administration.

Constant structural extensions, conversions and innovations ensure an optimal and modern working environment for our around 90 employees and are an important building block for our company growth and our success in the market.

New: 70% recycled material 100% sustainable!

With our new recycling fat box, collecting used cooking oil is even more sustainable.

In the future, our collection containers will consist of up to 70% recycled materials from old fat boxes.


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